Pheidole cicatricosa

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Pheidole cicatricosa
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Myrmicinae
Tribe: Attini
Genus: Pheidole
Species: P. cicatricosa
Binomial name
Pheidole cicatricosa
Stitz, 1917

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Pheidole cicatricosa casent0907791 d 1 high.jpg

Specimen Labels


Pashaei Rad et al. (2018) found this species in Iran on park ground in a montane, moderate rainfall area.



Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Afrotropical Region: Mali.
Palaearctic Region: Egypt (type locality), Iran, Israel.

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Distribution based on AntWeb specimens

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's New General Catalogue, a catalogue of the world's ants.

  • cicatricosa. Pheidole pallidula var. cicatricosa Stitz, 1917: 340, fig. 7 (s.w.) ALGERIA.
    • Santschi, 1932g: 3 (q.).
    • Junior synonym of pallidula: Collingwood, 1978: 68.
    • Status as species: Seifert, 2016b: 13.
    • Senior synonym of recticeps: Seifert, 2016b: 13.
  • recticeps. Pheidole pallidula var. recticeps Menozzi, 1932e: 452 (s.w.) EGYPT.
    • [First available use of Pheidole pallidula subsp. tristis var. recticeps Forel, 1909e: 391; unavailable (infrasubspecific) name.]
    • Subspecies of pallidula: Menozzi, 1932e: 452; Menozzi, 1934: 154; Menozzi, 1940: 268; Bolton, 1995b: 328.
    • Junior synonym of cicatricosa: Seifert, 2016b: 13.



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