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There are six species in this myrmecophilous genus of Staphylinidae. Small, fairly wide short wings , usually somewhat flat. They often have reduced facet eyes and greatly shortened, cone-shaped antennae. The head may be covered by the pronotum.

List of Pogostenus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Pogostenus dessarti Kistner, 1965 ants
Pogostenus ivoriensis Kistner, 1958 ants
Pogostenus mirabilis Kistner, 1958 ants Nigeria
Pogostenus morio Kistner, 1963 ants Nigeria
Pogostenus swifti Kistner, 1958 ants
Pogostenus tanzaniensis (Cameron, 1933) ants Africa


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