Polyergus texana

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Polyergus texana
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Formicinae
Tribe: Formicini
Genus: Polyergus
Species: P. texana
Binomial name
Polyergus texana
Buckley, 1866

During his revision of Polyergus Trager (2013) found that "The length, color, and mandibular structure in Buckley’s description are quite clearly not those of Polyergus". This supports the conclusions of others who have been unable to associate this name with a known species and have treated the taxon as incertae sedis within the Formicidae or Polyergus.



Distribution based on type material

United States (type locality).

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Distribution based on AntWeb specimens

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • texana. Polyergus texana Buckley, 1866: 170 (q.) U.S.A. U.S.A. Unidentifiable taxon; incertae sedis in Formicidae: Smith, D.R. 1979: 1467. Unidentifiable to genus; incertae sedis in Polyergus: Bolton, 1995b: 342. See also: Wheeler, W.M. 1902f: 24.



  • Buckley, S. B. 1866. Descriptions of new species of North American Formicidae. Proc. Entomol. Soc. Phila. 6: 152-172 (page 170, queen described)
  • Wheeler, W. M. 1902g. A consideration of S. B. Buckley's "North American Formicidae.". Trans. Tex. Acad. Sci. 4: 17-31 (page 24, see also)