Polyrhachis cryptoceroides species-group

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The species in this group belong to the subgenus Myrmhopla.



Key to Polyrhachis cryptoceroides-group species



Small ants (HL < 1.45) with general characteristics of the genus. Anterior clypeal margin deeply incised medially as in Polyrhachis cryptoceroides, or produced into shallow, medially notched flange. Sides of head with distinct longitudinal carina, dividing gena from ventral parts of head. Dorsum of mesosoma marginate laterally for most of its length, or immarginate as in Polyrhachis wroughtonii, strongly converging posteriorly. Armament of body well developed with broadly-based pronotal spines and slender, widely diverging propodeal spines; petiole with spines evenly curved, embracing base of first gastral segment, and a pair of short intercalary teeth. Base of first gastral segment concave with anterodorsal margin forming acute ridge. Sculpturation of head and body consisting of relatively fine (Polyrhachis jerdonii) to rather coarse (Polyrhachis thailandica) reticulate-punctation, with gastral sculpturation generally more modest and finer. Pilosity greatly reduced, with only short erect hairs over front of head and medium length hairs around apex and ventral segments of gaster.


Very much like worker with characters identifying full sexuality, including three ocelli and complete thoracic structure with wings. Armament of pronotal humeri and propodeum somewhat reduced; lateral petiolar spines distinctly shorter. Sculpturation and pilosity very much as in workers.


Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines.

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