Polyrhachis flavoflagellata species-group

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This species in this group are members of the subgenus Myrmhopla.





Mostly small to medium-sized ants (HL 1.15-1.85) with general characteristics of the genus. Anterior clypeal margin arcuate and entire, or medially truncate, or with a deeply emarginate median flange. Head disproportionally large compared to rest of body with eyes relatively flat, situated close to posterolateral corners. Mesosoma rather flat, laterally immarginate, humeri armed with short, triangular teeth. Propodeal spines relatively short, more-or-less horizontal, or distinctly elevated. Petiole with a pair of lateral spines that are either acute and posteriorly directed (as in e.g. P. flavoflagellata), or reduced to obtuse, laterally directed stumps (as in P. stylifera). Dorsum of petiole with a pair of short but distinct, acute intercalary spines (as in P. flavoflagellata and P. muara) or blunt tuberculae (as in P. stylifera) or smoothly rounded (as in P. storki). Head and body closely and finely punctate; gaster very finely shagreened. Hairs virtually absent from most of body, except a few, rather short, erect hairs on front of head and around gastral apex. Closely appressed, silvery or golden pubescence present in various densities over most dorsal surfaces. Mostly black, with only base of gaster and appendages sometimes light to dark reddish brown.

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