Polyrhachis gamaii species-group

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The species is a member of the subgenus Myrma.


Polyrhachis gamaii


Bolton (1973) - The single species constituting this group is not obviously related to any other species known from the Ethiopian region. It is characterised by the partial margination of the alitrunk, the reticulate-punctate sculpturation and the lack of erect hairs. Besides these characters, the pronotum has only a pair of blunt tubercles, the propodeum has a pair of bluntly tuberculiform teeth, and the mesoscutellum is present upon the dorsum of the alitrunk. The petiole is more or less normal, with a pair of dorsal spines and a lateral pair of teeth.


Bolton (1973) - As Arnold (1924:137) pointed out, this species is difficult to place. In the form of the petiole it resembles some members of the militaris group, but in virtually all other ways it is unrelated to that group.

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