Polyrhachis parabiotica species-group

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The species in this group are members of the subgenus Myrma.



Key to Polyrhachis parabiotica-group species



The Polyrhachis parabiotica species group, here established, is named after the name-bearing species P. parabiotica Chapman. Chapman ( 1963) failed to give the diagnostic characters of his newly established subgenus Anoplomyrma, but they can be deduced from the description of P. parabiotica, as follows: pronotum armed with well developed. anteriorly directed spines; mesosoma convex with the mesonotum virtually immarginate (except in the new species described below, where poorly developed obtuse margins are evident under certain angles of illumination); propodeum totally immarginate laterally and posteriorly, with no propodeal teeth or tubercles; petiole scale-like, with dorsal margin more-or-less rounded or emarginate medially, laterally delimited by a blunt angle. The characters of the P. parabioticta group are essentially those of Anoplomyrma, except that the pronotal spines may be reduced to short humeral teeth as in Polyrhachis paracamponota.

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