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Pseudomicrodon is a genus of hoverflies within the family Syrphidae. It is known from 15 species. The fly's larvae are found in ant colonies where they have been observed preying on ant larvae, and are thus parasites of their hosts.

List of Pseudomicrodon and their Host Ants

List of Microdon and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Geographic Records Notes
Pseudomicrodon auricinctus (Sack, 1931)
Pseudomicrodon batesi (Shannon, 1927)
Pseudomicrodon bellulus Williston, 1891)
Pseudomicrodon biluminiferus (Hull, 1944) Crematogaster limata Brazil bromeliad Aechmea lindenii
Pseudomicrodon chrysostypus (Thompson, 2004)
Pseudomicrodon claripennis (Hine, 1914)
Pseudomicrodon conops (Curran, 1940)
Pseudomicrodon corona (Curran, 1940)
Pseudomicrodon nigrispinosus (Shannon, 1927)
Pseudomicrodon pilosops (Marinoni, 2004)
Pseudomicrodon polistoides Reemer, 2013
Pseudomicrodon rheochryssus (Hull, 1944)
Pseudomicrodon seabrai Papavero, 1962
Pseudomicrodon smiti Reemer, 2013


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