Pseudomorpha falli

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Pseudomorpha falli
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Beetle
Suborder: Adephaga
Family: Carabidae
Genus: Pseudomorpha
Species: P. falli
Binomial name
Pseudomorpha falli
Notman, 1925


Form rather slender and cylindrical. Color dark castaneous. Integuments finely alutaceous, moderately shining. Head with sparse, fine punctuation; thoracic punctuation sparse, fine, and very indistinct; a few faint rugae postero-laterally. Elytra with eight rows of strong, coarse punctures, somewhat abbreviated basally; a few fine punctures in the intervals or in the rows of coarser punctures. Discal intervals distinctly longitudinally impressed. Head large, two-thirds the width of thorax, rather more than twice as wide as long; preocular lobes not distinct; clypeal suture not distinct. Antennae rather long, slightly surpassing anterior coxae. Thorax twice as wide as long. Sides moderately narrowed anteriorly, evenly and not strongly arcuate ; a faint longitudinal median impressed line. Base not margined at any point. Elytra scarcely visibly wider than thorax, three times as long as latter. Sides parallel ; apices truncate ; outer angles rounded, inner narrowly rounded. Length, 6.4 mm. ; width, 2.7 mm. Male.—Densely pubescent spot at the middle of the fourth and fifth ventral segments about one-seventh the width of the segment.


Type.—Male. San Diego County, California. Jacumba, Julv 1, 1907. G. H. F. Collection of H. C. Fall.