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There are twenty nine species in this genus which are Parasitoids of ants.

List of Schizaspidia and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Schizaspidia aenea (Girault, 1913) ants Australia
Schizaspidia andamanensis (Mani, 1942) ants India: Andaman Island
Schizaspidia antennata Gahan, 1940 ants Malaysia, Fiji
Schizaspidia batuensis Hedqvist, 1978 ants Philippines
Schizaspidia brevifuniculata Narendran, 1985 ants India
Schizaspidia brevifurcata Watanabe, 1958 ants Palau
Schizaspidia caeruleiceps Cameron, 1909 ants Borneo
Schizaspidia chamorro Yasumatsu, 1942 ants Northern Mariana Islands
Schizaspidia convergens (Walker, 1860) ants Sri Lanka
Schizaspidia coromandelica (Mani & Dubey, 1974) ants India
Schizaspidia cyanea Walker, 1862 ants Indonesia
Schizaspidia diacammae Heraty, Mottern & Peeters, 2015 Diacamma scalpratum Thailand
Schizaspidia emersoni (Girault, 1915) ants Australia
Schizaspidia fasciatipennis (Girault, 1928) ants Philippines
Schizaspidia furcifera Westwood, 1835 ants India
Schizaspidia malabarica Narendran, 1985 ants India
Schizaspidia murrayi Kirby, 1884 ants Tonga
Schizaspidia nasua (Walker, 1846) Diacamma scalpratum Philippines, Sri Lanka
Schizaspidia palawanensis Hedqvist, 1978 ants Philippines
Schizaspidia peterseni Hedqvist, 1978 ants Philippines
Schizaspidia ponapensis Ishii, 1941 ants Palau
Schizaspidia sabariensis (Mani & Dubey, 1974) ants India
Schizaspidia samoana (Fullaway, 1940) ants American Samoa
Schizaspidia scutellaris Masi, 1927 ants Taiwan
Schizaspidia sitarami Narendran, 1985 ants India
Schizaspidia taiwanensis Ishii, 1938 ants Japan, Taiwan
Schizaspidia tawiensis Hedqvist, 1978 ants Philippines
Schizaspidia travancorensis (Mani, 1942)) ants India
Schizaspidia yakushimensis Ishii, 1938 ants Japan


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