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This table has 2,094 rows altogether.

Page Formation
Acanthognathus Dominican amber
Acanthognathus poinari Dominican amber
Acanthostichus Dominican amber
Acanthostichus hispaniolicus Dominican amber
Acropyga Dominican amber
Acropyga glaesaria Dominican amber
Afromyrma Orapa
Afromyrma petrosa Orapa
Afropone Orapa
Afropone oculata Orapa
Afropone orapa Orapa
Agastomyrma Bol’shaya Svetlovodnaya
Agastomyrma laticeps Bol’shaya Svetlovodnaya
Agroecomyrmecinae Baltic amber
Agroecomyrmecinae Bitterfeld amber
Agroecomyrmecinae Florissant
Agroecomyrmex Baltic amber
Agroecomyrmex Bitterfeld amber
Agroecomyrmex duisburgi Baltic amber
Agroecomyrmex duisburgi Bitterfeld amber
Alloiomma Shanwang, China
Alloiomma changweiensis Shanwang, China
Alloiomma differentialis Shanwang, China
Amblyoponinae Baltic amber
Amblyoponinae Bol’shaya Svetlovodnaya
Amblyoponinae Chon-Tyz mine
Amblyoponinae Messel
Amblyoponinae Radoboj
Amblyoponinae Shanwang, China
Aneuretellus Sakhalin amber
Aneuretellus deformis Sakhalin amber
Aneuretinae Baltic amber
Aneuretinae Bembridge Marls
Aneuretinae Bol’shaya Svetlovodnaya
Aneuretinae Burmese amber
Aneuretinae Florissant
Aneuretinae Foremost Formation
Aneuretinae Green River Formation
Aneuretinae Paskapoo Formation
Aneuretinae Sakhalin amber
Anochetus Dominican amber
Anochetus ambiguus Dominican amber
Anochetus brevidentatus Dominican amber
Anochetus conisquamis Dominican amber
Anochetus corayi Dominican amber
Anochetus dubius Dominican amber
Anochetus exstinctus Dominican amber
Anochetus intermedius Dominican amber
Anochetus lucidus Dominican amber
Anochetus miosumatrensis Sumatran amber
Aphaenogaster Baltic amber
Aphaenogaster Bitterfeld amber
Aphaenogaster Dominican amber
Aphaenogaster Enspel Formation
Aphaenogaster Florissant
Aphaenogaster Mexican amber
Aphaenogaster Quesnel, British Columbia
Aphaenogaster Rott, Germany
Aphaenogaster Rovno amber
Aphaenogaster Sakhalin amber
Aphaenogaster amphioceanica Dominican amber
Aphaenogaster antiqua Rovno amber
Aphaenogaster archaica Rott, Germany
Aphaenogaster dlusskyana Sakhalin amber
Aphaenogaster donisthorpei Florissant
Aphaenogaster enspelensis Enspel Formation
Aphaenogaster longaeva Quesnel, British Columbia
Aphaenogaster mayri Florissant
Aphaenogaster mersa Baltic amber
Aphaenogaster mersa Rovno amber
Aphaenogaster oligocenica Baltic amber
Aphaenogaster oligocenica Bitterfeld amber
Aphaenogaster praerelicta Mexican amber
Aphaenogaster sommerfeldti Baltic amber
Aphaenogaster sommerfeldti Bitterfeld amber
Apterostigma Dominican amber
Apterostigma electropilosum Dominican amber
Apterostigma eowilsoni Dominican amber
Aquilomyrmex Burmese amber
Aquilomyrmex huangi Burmese amber
Archaeopone Kzyl-Zhar
Archaeopone kzylzharica Kzyl-Zhar
Archaeopone taylori Kzyl-Zhar
Archaeopone taylori Ola Formation
Archimyrmex Green River Formation
Archimyrmex Messel
Archimyrmex Ventana Formation
Archimyrmex piatnitzkyi Ventana Formation
Archimyrmex rostratus Green River Formation
Archimyrmex smekali Ventana Formation
Archimyrmex wedmannae Messel
Archiponera Florissant
Archiponera wheeleri Florissant
Armania Emanra Formation
Armania Ola Formation
Armania capitata Emanra Formation
Armania curiosa Ola Formation
Armania pristina Emanra Formation
Armania robusta Ola Formation
Asymphylomyrmex Baltic amber