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There are 18 myrmecophilous species in this genus. The genus is readily separated from other microdons by the incomplete metathoracic bridge, round/oval basoflagellomere, occiput with a dorsolateral crease, and other characters

The genus Spheginobaccha is a rare group of flower flies restricted to the Afrotropical and Oriental faunal regions. Nothing is known of their biology. The genus was revised by Thompson (1974) and since then, only one paper has been published on the Afrotropical species (Dirickx 1995), in which two new species were described. Hull (1949) was the first to include the genus in the Microdontinae. Thompson (1969: 77) excluded the genus from the Microdontinae and later placed the genus in an intermediate position in the Milesinae (now Eristalinae) (Thompson 1972). Thompson (1974: 258) placed the genus in its own tribe and as a basal clade in the subfamily Eristalinae. However, recent DNA sequence data placed the group within the subfamily Microdontinae (Ståhls et al. 2003) and as sister to all other microdontines.

List of Spheginobaccha and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Spheginobaccha aethusa (Walker, 1849) ants Asia
Spheginobaccha chillcotti Thompson, 1974 ants Asia
Spheginobaccha demeijerei van Doesburg, 1968 ants Asia
Spheginobaccha dexioides Hull, 1944 ants South Africa
Spheginobaccha dubia Thompson, 1974 ants South Africa
Spheginobaccha duplex (Walker, 1857) ants Asia
Spheginobaccha guttula Dirickx, 1995 ants Madagascar
Spheginobaccha humeralis (Sack, 1926) ants Asia
Spheginobaccha knutsoni Thompson, 1974 ants Asia
Spheginobaccha lieftincki Doesburg, 1968 ants Asia
Spheginobaccha macropoda (Bigot, 1883) ants Asia
Spheginobaccha melancholia Hull, 1937 ants Asia
Spheginobaccha pamela Thompson & Hauser, 2015 ants South Africa
Spheginobaccha perialla Thompson, 1974 ants Malawi
Spheginobaccha rotundiceps (Loew, 1857) ants South Africa
Spheginobaccha ruginosa Dirickx, 1995 ants Madagascar
Spheginobaccha stuckenbergi Thompson & Hauser, 2015 ants Madagascar, South Africa
Spheginobaccha vandoesburgi Thompson, 1974 ants Asia


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