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The genus Sternocoelis Lewis, 1888 is a small genus of myrmecophilous histerids with 27 described species distributed in the Mediterranean area with most species described from Morocco and Algeria.

List of Hetaerius and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Sternocoelis acutangulus (Lewis, 1887) ants Morocco
Sternoceolis alluaudi Théry, 1921 ants Morocco
Sternocoelis arachnoides Fairmaire, 1877 ants Morocco
Sternocoelis bedeii Lewis, 1884 ants Algeria, Morocco
Sternocoelis berberus Lackner et Yélamos, 2001 Aphaenogaster testaceopilosa Morocco
Sternocoelis comosellus (Fairmaire, 1883) ants
Sternocoelis diversepunctuatus Pic, 1911 ants
Sternocoelis espadaleri Yélamos, 1995 ants Morocco
Sternocoelis fusculus (Schmidt, 1888) ants Morocco
Sternocoelis grandis (Reitter, 1883) ants
Sternocoelis hispanicus Rosenhauer, 1856 Aphaenogaster senilis Morocco, Portugal, Spain
Sternocoelis incisus (Schmidt, 1885) ants
Sternocoelis laevidorsis (Fairmaire, 1876) ants
Sternocoelis lewisi (Reitter, 1883) ants
Sternocoelis marginalis Normand, 1915 ants
Sternocoelis marseulii (Brisout de Barneville, 1866) ants Spain
Sternocoelis merklii (Schmidt, 1885) Messor structor Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey
Sternocoelis otini Peyerimhoff, 1949 Cataglyphis mauritanica Morocco (type)
Sternocoelis pluristriatus (Fairmaire, 1876) ants
Sternocoelis puberulus (Motschulsky, 1858) ants
Sternocoelis punctulatus (Lucas, 1855) ants
Sternocoelis robustus Pic, 1911 ants
Sternocoelis setulosus Reitter, 1872 ants Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Sternocoelis slaoui Théry, 1921 Aphaenogaster
Sternocoelis sulcaticollis Pic, 1937 ants
Sternoceolis vaucheri Lewis, 1896 ants Morocco
Sternocoelis viaticus Lewis, 1892 ants Algeria
Sternocoelis yelamosi Lackner and Hlavác, 2012 ants Morocco


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