Stipomorpha elcopala

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Stipomorpha elcopala
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Flies
Suborder: Aschiza
Family: Syrphidae
Subfamily: Microdontinae
Genus: Stipomorpha
Species: S. elcopala
Binomial name
Stipomorpha elcopala
Reemer, 2013


Although the black thorax and legs in combination with the reddish abdomen remind of Stipomorpha apicula (Curran), this species is morphologically most similar to Stipomorpha lacteipennis (Shannon). These two species share similar length ratios of the antennal segments, a pilose posterior margin of the anepisternum, a pilose dorsal part of the katepimeron, a partially bare alula, a notably triangular abdomen, and similar morphology of the male genitalia. However, the reddish abdomen readily separates S. elcopala from S. lacteipennis


HOLOTYPE. COSTA RICA. Male. Label 1: “COSTA RICA. Cartago, Cordillera / central, Pejivalle, Humo, El Copal / 1026 m asl. Malaise trap. / 09°46’55.9”N 83°45’09.2”W / 9-10.IX.2010. Leg. J.T. Smit.”. Coll. INBIO. PARATYPE. HONDURAS. Male. Label 1: “Honduras: Yoro, Palo de / Comba, 15°11’N, 87°39’W / 29.IX.1995 / leg. R. Cave”. Coll. MZLU.


Neotropical: Costa Rica, Honduras



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