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Every Ant Tells a Story - And Scientists Explain Their Stories Here
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Notes from Gary: I was trying to think of the major topics in this section. This may also be where we may want to link to other useful web sites?

  • Under Art, I was thinking of famous ant paintings such as Escher's Möbius Strip.
  • There are a series of movies on ants that movie buffs would enjoy listing. The Antz, Them, The Naked Jungle, etc.
  • I think of Jerry McComick in the poem by Robert Frost on ants.
  • Leinigan and the ants is a classic story describing a landowner's war on ants.
  • Maybe Alex Wild would be interested in the section on photographing ants?
  • Two bad ants is a classic children's book and there are many others.
  • Eating ants as food is another interesting topic that others could help with.
  • There are a nice series of non fiction books on ants, Ants of Australia, etc. This series would be like a virtual library?