Taxa Described in 1872

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The following genus was described in 1872 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Author Type Species Fossil Fossil Age Species Count Notes
Technomyrmex Dolichoderinae Tapinomini Mayr Technomyrmex strenuus 96

The following 12 species/subspecies were described in 1872 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Genus Species Subspecies Author Type Locality Country Fossil Fossil Age Notes
Camponotus contractus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus contractus Mayr Borneo
Camponotus inconspicuus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus inconspicuus Mayr Borneo
Colobopsis doriae Formicinae Camponotini Colobopsis doriae Mayr Synonym, see Colobopsis cylindrica
Crematogaster coriaria Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster coriaria Mayr Borneo
Dorylus furcatus Dorylinae Dorylus furcatus Gerstäcker South Africa
Erromyrma latinodis Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Erromyrma latinodis Mayr Borneo
Neivamyrmex minor Dorylinae Neivamyrmex minor Cresson United States
Neivamyrmex nigrescens Dorylinae Neivamyrmex nigrescens Cresson United States
Polyrhachis beccarii Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis beccarii Mayr Borneo
Polyrhachis nigropilosa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis nigropilosa Mayr Borneo
Polyrhachis pruinosa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis pruinosa Mayr Borneo
Technomyrmex strenuus Dolichoderinae Technomyrmex strenuus Mayr Borneo