Taxa Described in 1965

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There were no genera described in 1965 (see all years)

The following 27 species/subspecies were described in 1965 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Genus Species Subspecies Author Type Locality Country Fossil Fossil Age Notes
Camponotus transvaalensis arnoldi Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus transvaalensis arnoldi Prins Homonym, see Camponotus transvaalensis prinsi
Camponotus trepidulus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus trepidulus Creighton United States
Cardiocondyla papuana Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Cardiocondyla papuana Reiskind New Guinea
Cataglyphis alibabae Formicinae Formicini Cataglyphis alibabae Pisarski Iraq
Cataglyphis kurdistanica Formicinae Formicini Cataglyphis kurdistanica Pisarski Iraq
Colobostruma nancyae Myrmicinae Attini Colobostruma nancyae Brown Australia
Colobostruma papulata Myrmicinae Attini Colobostruma papulata Brown Australia
Dacetinops concinnus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Dacetinops concinnus Taylor Borneo
Formica fossilabris Formicinae Formicini Formica fossilabris Dlussky Synonym, see Formica forsslundi
Formica kozlovi Formicinae Formicini Formica kozlovi Dlussky Mongolia
Formica pamirica Formicinae Formicini Formica pamirica Dlussky Turkmenistan
Formica subpilosa ruzskyi Formicinae Formicini Formica subpilosa ruzskyi Dlussky Synonym, see Formica clarissima
Leptogenys leiothorax Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys leiothorax Prins Mozambique
Megalomyrmex bicolor Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Monomorium bicolor Ettershank Homonym, see Monomorium chilense
Ocymyrmex cavatodorsatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Ocymyrmex cavatodorsatus Prins South Africa
Pristomyrmex foveolatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex foveolatus Taylor Australia
Pristomyrmex thoracicus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex thoracicus Taylor Australia
Pristomyrmex wheeleri Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex wheeleri Taylor Australia
Probolomyrmex greavesi Proceratiinae Probolomyrmecini Probolomyrmex greavesi Taylor Australia
Probolomyrmex guineensis Proceratiinae Probolomyrmecini Probolomyrmex guineensis Taylor Guinea
Probolomyrmex salomonis Proceratiinae Probolomyrmecini Probolomyrmex salomonis Taylor Solomon Islands
Proformica frigida Formicinae Formicini Proformica frigida Dlussky Synonym, see Proformica coriacea
Proformica splendida Formicinae Formicini Proformica splendida Dlussky Kyrgyzstan
Simopone gressitti Dorylinae Simopone gressitti Taylor New Guinea
Stigmatomma noonadan Amblyoponinae Stigmatomma noonadan Taylor Papua New Guinea
Temnothorax susamyri Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Temnothorax susamyri Dlussky Kyrgyzstan
Typhlomyrmex prolatus Ectatomminae Typhlomyrmecini Typhlomyrmex prolatus Brown Costa Rica