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The following 7 genera were described in 2016 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Author Type Species Fossil Fossil Age Species Count Notes
Camelomecia Uncertain Barden & Grimaldi Camelomecia janovitzi Yes Early Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous Burmese amber, Kachin Province, Myanmar 1
Ceratomyrmex Haidomyrmecinae Perrichot, Wang, B. & Engel Ceratomyrmex ellenbergeri Yes Early Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous Burmese amber, Kachin Province, Myanmar 1
Eburopone Dorylinae Borowiec Cerapachys wroughtoni, now Eburopone wroughtoni 1
Erromyrma Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Bolton & Fisher Monomorium latinode, now Erromyrma latinodis 2
Lividopone Dorylinae Bolton & Fisher Cerapachys lividus, now Lividopone livida 1
Neocerapachys Dorylinae Borowiec Cerapachys (Cerapachys) neotropicus, now Neocerapachys neotropicus 2
Patagonomyrmex Myrmicinae Pogonomyrmecini Johnson & Moreau Pogonomyrmex angustus, now Patagonomyrmex angustus 3

The following 147 species/subspecies were described in 2016 (see all years)

Taxon Name Subfamily Tribe Genus Species Subspecies Author Type Locality Country Fossil Fossil Age Notes
Aenictus seletarius Dorylinae Aenictus seletarius Wong & Guénard Singapore
Aenictus shilintongae Dorylinae Aenictus shilintongae Jaitrong & Schultz China
Anochetus daedalus Ponerinae Ponerini Anochetus daedalus Marathe & Priyadarsanan India
Aphaenogaster charesi Myrmicinae Attini Aphaenogaster charesi Salata & Borowiec Greece
Aphaenogaster dlusskyana Myrmicinae Attini Aphaenogaster dlusskyana Radchenko & Perkovsky Yes Thanetian, Paleocene Sakhalin amber, Ukraine
Bothriomyrmex enigmaticus Dolichoderinae Bothriomyrmex enigmaticus Prebus & Lubertazzi Dominican Republic
Camelomecia janovitzi Uncertain Camelomecia janovitzi Barden & Grimaldi Yes Early Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous Burmese amber, Kachin Province, Myanmar
Camponotus alamaina Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus alamaina Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus androy Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus androy Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus bevohitra Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus bevohitra Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus buchneri camerounensis Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus buchneri camerounensis Ward, Blaimer & Fisher Cameroun
Camponotus galoko Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus galoko Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus javaensis Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus javaensis Ward, Blaimer & Fisher Indonesia
Camponotus matsilo Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus matsilo Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus micronesicus Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus micronesicus Blanchard & Clouse Micronesia (Federated States of)
Camponotus mifaka Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus mifaka Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus orombe Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus orombe Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus tafo Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus tafo Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus tol Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus tol Gibson & Clouse Micronesia (Federated States of)
Camponotus tratra Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus tratra Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus varatra Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus varatra Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Camponotus zavo Formicinae Camponotini Camponotus zavo Rakotonirina, Csősz & Fisher Madagascar
Cataglyphis israelensis Formicinae Formicini Cataglyphis israelensis Ionescu & Eyer Israel
Ceratomyrmex ellenbergeri Haidomyrmecinae Ceratomyrmex ellenbergeri Perrichot, Wang, B. & Engel Yes Early Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous Burmese amber, Kachin Province, Myanmar
Crematogaster brevispina Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster brevispina Hosoishi & Ogata Philippines
Crematogaster brunensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster brunensis Hosoishi & Ogata Brunei Darussalam
Crematogaster celebensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster celebensis Hosoishi & Ogata Indonesia
Crematogaster claudiae Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster claudiae Feldhaar, Maschwitz & Fiala Malaysia
Crematogaster hullettii Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster hullettii Feldhaar, Maschwitz & Fiala Malaysia
Crematogaster indosinensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster indosinensis Hosoishi & Ogata Cambodia
Crematogaster linsenmairi Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster linsenmairi Feldhaar, Maschwitz & Fiala Singapore
Crematogaster luzonensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster luzonensis Hosoishi & Ogata Philippines
Crematogaster maryatii Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster maryatii Feldhaar, Maschwitz & Fiala Malaysia
Crematogaster moatensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster moatensis Hosoishi & Ogata Indonesia
Crematogaster ocellata Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster ocellata Hosoishi & Ogata Vietnam
Crematogaster philippinensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster philippinensis Hosoishi & Ogata Philippines
Crematogaster roslihashimi Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster roslihashimi Feldhaar, Maschwitz & Fiala Malaysia
Crematogaster storki Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster storki Hosoishi & Ogata Indonesia
Crematogaster sundalandensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster sundalandensis Hosoishi & Ogata Indonesia
Crematogaster vieti Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Crematogaster vieti Hosoishi & Ogata Vietnam
Diacamma aequale Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma aequale Zettel, Pal & Laciny Philippines
Diacamma aureovestitum Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma aureovestitum Zettel, Pal & Laciny Philippines
Diacamma excellens Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma excellens Zettel, Pal & Laciny Philippines
Diacamma gusenleitneri Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma gusenleitneri Zettel, Pal & Laciny Borneo
Diacamma jaitrongi Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma jaitrongi Zettel, Pal & Laciny Thailand
Diacamma leyteense Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma leyteense Zettel, Pal & Laciny Philippines
Diacamma reductostriatum Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma reductostriatum Zettel, Pal & Laciny Philippines
Diacamma symposium Ponerinae Ponerini Diacamma symposium Zettel, Pal & Laciny Philippines
Eocenomyrma breviscapa Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Eocenomyrma breviscapa Radchenko & Dlussky Yes Priabonian, Late Eocene Rovno amber, Ukraine
Eocenomyrma ukrainica Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Eocenomyrma ukrainica Radchenko & Dlussky Yes Priabonian, Late Eocene Rovno amber, Ukraine
Gerontoformica maraudera Sphecomyrminae Sphecomyrmini Gerontoformica maraudera Barden & Grimaldi Yes Early Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous Burmese amber, Kachin Province, Myanmar
Gnamptogenys sinhala Ectatomminae Ectatommini Gnamptogenys sinhala Lattke Sri Lanka
Harpegnathos alperti Ponerinae Ponerini Harpegnathos alperti General Philippines
Harpegnathos honestoi Ponerinae Ponerini Harpegnathos honestoi General Philippines
Lasius bombycina Formicinae Lasiini Lasius bombycina Seifert & Galkowski Turkey
Lasius casevitzi Formicinae Lasiini Lasius casevitzi Seifert & Galkowski France
Lenomyrmex hoelldobleri Myrmicinae Attini Lenomyrmex hoelldobleri Rabeling, Sosa-Calvo, OConnell, Coloma & Fernández Ecuador
Lepisiota omanensis Formicinae Plagiolepidini Lepisiota omanensis Sharaf & Monks Oman
Leptanilla hypodracos Leptanillinae Leptanillini Leptanilla hypodracos Wong & Guénard Singapore
Leptogenys leleji Ponerinae Ponerini Leptogenys leleji Zryanin Vietnam
Leptomyrmex relictus Dolichoderinae Leptomyrmecini Leptomyrmex relictus Boudinot, Probst, Brandão, Feitosa & Ward Brazil
Linepithema hirsutum Dolichoderinae Leptomyrmecini Linepithema hirsutum Escarraga & Guerrero Colombia
Lioponera bispinata Dorylinae Lioponera bispinata Chen & Zhou China
Melissotarsus ethiopiensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Melissotarsus ethiopiensis Coty, Lebon & Nel Yes Early Miocene Ethiopian amber, Ethiopia
Metapone africana Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone africana Taylor & Alpert Gabon
Metapone balinensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone balinensis Taylor & Alpert Indonesia
Metapone enigmatica Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone enigmatica Taylor & Alpert Papua New Guinea
Metapone hoelldobleri Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone hoelldobleri Taylor & Alpert Australia
Metapone javana Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone javana Taylor & Alpert Indonesia
Metapone manni Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone manni Taylor & Alpert Fiji
Metapone mathinnae Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone mathinnae Taylor & Alpert Australia
Metapone philwardi Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone philwardi Taylor & Alpert Papua New Guinea
Metapone salomonis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone salomonis Taylor & Alpert Solomon Islands
Metapone tecklini Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone tecklini Taylor & Alpert Australia
Metapone titan Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone titan Taylor & Alpert Papua New Guinea
Metapone wallaceana Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Metapone wallaceana Taylor & Alpert Indonesia
Myrmecina magnificens Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Myrmecina magnificens Wong & Guénard Singapore
Myrmica dongi Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica dongi Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Myrmica huaii Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica huaii Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Myrmica latra Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica latra Bharti, Radchenko & Sasi India
Myrmica liui Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica liui Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Myrmica mifui Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica mifui Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Myrmica oui Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica oui Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Myrmica wangi Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica wangi Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Myrmica yani Myrmicinae Myrmicini Myrmica yani Chen, Zhou & Huang China
Nesomyrmex bidentatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex bidentatus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex brevicornis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex brevicornis Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex brunneus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex brunneus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex cingulatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex cingulatus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex clypeatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex clypeatus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex devius Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex devius Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex edentatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex edentatus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex excelsior Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex excelsior Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex exiguus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex exiguus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex flavigaster Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex flavigaster Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex flavus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex flavus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex fragilis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex fragilis Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex gracilis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex gracilis Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex hirtellus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex hirtellus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex longiceps Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex longiceps Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex minutus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex minutus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex modestus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex modestus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex nitidus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex nitidus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex punctaticeps Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex punctaticeps Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex reticulatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex reticulatus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex rugosus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex rugosus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex sellaris Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex sellaris Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex striatus Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex striatus Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nesomyrmex tamatavensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Nesomyrmex tamatavensis Csösz & Fisher Madagascar
Nylanderia deceptrix Formicinae Lasiini Nylanderia deceptrix Messer, Cover & LaPolla United States
Paratopula bauhinia Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Paratopula bauhinia Luo & Guénard China
Pheidole balcanica Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole balcanica Seifert Croatia
Pheidole drogon Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole drogon Sarnat, Fischer & Economo Papua New Guinea
Pheidole kava Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole kava Fischer, Sarnat & Economo Fiji
Pheidole leloi Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole leloi Eguchi & Bui Vietnam
Pheidole ululevu Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole ululevu Fischer, Sarnat & Economo Fiji
Pheidole viserion Myrmicinae Attini Pheidole viserion Sarnat, Fischer & Economo Papua New Guinea
Polyrhachis brevipilosa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis brevipilosa Rigato Gabon
Polyrhachis doudou Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis doudou Rigato Gabon
Polyrhachis dubia Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis dubia Rigato Cameroun
Polyrhachis fisheri Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis fisheri Rigato Gabon
Polyrhachis gibbula Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis gibbula Rigato Kenya
Polyrhachis longiseta Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis longiseta Rigato Cameroun
Polyrhachis luteipes Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis luteipes Rigato Cameroun
Polyrhachis omissa Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis omissa Rigato Somalia
Polyrhachis submarginata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis submarginata Rigato Central African Republic
Polyrhachis terminata Formicinae Camponotini Polyrhachis terminata Rigato Tanzania
Prenolepis darlena Formicinae Lasiini Prenolepis darlena Williams & LaPolla Nepal
Prenolepis fustinoda Formicinae Lasiini Prenolepis fustinoda Williams & LaPolla China
Prenolepis mediops Formicinae Lasiini Prenolepis mediops Williams & LaPolla China
Prenolepis shanialena Formicinae Lasiini Prenolepis shanialena Williams & LaPolla Vietnam
Pristomyrmex leleji Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex leleji Yamane & Dias Thailand
Pristomyrmex sinharaja Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Pristomyrmex sinharaja Dias & Yamane Sri Lanka
Romblonella longinoi Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Romblonella longinoi General Malaysia
Stigmatomma bolabola Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma bolabola Esteves & Fisher Madagascar
Stigmatomma irayhady Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma irayhady Esteves & Fisher Madagascar
Stigmatomma janovitsika Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma janovitsika Esteves & Fisher Seychelles
Stigmatomma liebe Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma liebe Esteves & Fisher Madagascar
Stigmatomma roahady Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma roahady Esteves & Fisher Madagascar
Stigmatomma sakalava Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma sakalava Esteves & Fisher Madagascar
Stigmatomma tsyhady Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Stigmatomma tsyhady Esteves & Fisher Madagascar
Syllophopsis saudiensis Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Syllophopsis saudiensis Aldawood Saudi Arabia
Temnothorax conatensis Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Temnothorax conatensis Galkowski & Lebas France
Trichomyrmex almosayari Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Trichomyrmex almosayari Sharaf & Aldawood Saudi Arabia
Trichomyrmex shakeri Myrmicinae Crematogastrini Trichomyrmex shakeri Sharaf & Al Dhafer Saudi Arabia
Xymmer phungi Amblyoponinae Amblyoponini Xymmer phungi Satria, Sasaki, Bui, Oguri, Syoji, Fisher, Yamane & Eguchi Vietnam
Zasphinctus siamensis Dorylinae Zasphinctus siamensis Jaitrong Thailand