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Information for this template is displayed as follows:

This species is a <<Relationship>> for the <<Organism>> <<Taxon>> (a <<Organism Relationship>>) in <<Locality>> (<<Source>>) (<<Notes>>).

To display only the <<Taxon>> name, set Inline to any value (leaving it blank will display the above text).

Note that if an item is missing it will be skipped and not displayed.


|Relationship = host, prey, symbiont, parasite, social parasite
|Organism = fungus, insects, social parasite, generally singular
|Organism Link = Link for Organism text
|Taxon = Taxonomic name of organism (genus, species, etc)
|Taxon Link = Link for Taxon text
|Organism Relationship = host, prey, symbiont, parasite, social parasite
|Organism Relationship Link = Link for Organism Relationship text
|Locality = Place name
|Source = Publication
|Notes = Misc. notes
|Inline = any value will display only the taxon name and its link
}} This template defines the table "Associate". View table.