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"Estimated Abundance" is an attempt to give a rough estimate of the abundance of a species in nature (basically from rare to super-abundant). This is based on published/available distribution records, as captured by AntMaps. This method is impacted significantly by:

  • The "collectability" of a given species (for example, surface foraging species will be better represented than strictly subterranean species)
  • Collecting effort (how many people have actually looked for the species, e.g. species found near populated areas or in interesting habitats will have more records than species found in less populated areas or in boring habitats)
  • Uniqueness of the species (rare or interesting species tend to be collected more often than common species ("someone must have already collected this common species so I won't bother wasting time with it again"))

Note that this is a rough estimate and while it is likely indicative of abundance, it's probably better not to take it too seriously or use it as part of a quantitative analysis.

AntMaps record counts for each species have been binned into 8 categories:

  • 1 record per species
  • 2-10 records per species
  • 11-50 records per species
  • 51-100 records per species
  • 101-250 records per species
  • 251-500 records per species
  • 501-1000 records per species
  • more than 1000 records per species

These are displayed as green bars.
The bar containing the current species is displayed as a purple bar.