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Please give full information for the date, source and author fields. The date of a photograph must be when the original photograph was created, and not the date of upload, nor the date of any scan or other derivative action. If the photographic image has been modified please give author, date and license for each modification. Please use template {{Artwork}} if the image is of a painting, sculpture or other artwork and {{Book}} if the image is a part of a complete set of page scans of a book (or in the case of DjVu and PDF, one file may comprise all the page).

For a full usage description of the template, see Commons:First steps/Quality and description.




Parameter name Description (this part of the documentation is only available in some languages) Default value required or optional?

description Description of the image (or other file) (using multilingual templates like {{en}})

Remember that your image can be found and used without context of other files you uploaded and at other pages than you used it and for different reasons or details. The description should contain all basic objective indications (including location if it is a depiction or recording of a real subject or event). Wikilinks are high recommended to be used. To allow fulltext searching, also clearly visible file content should be closely described verbally.

A parameter of location coordinates (for image files depicting real places) is not included in "Information" template yet. Template {{location}} (for camera location and heading, preferred) and/or {{subject location}} (for the depicted subject, if needed – especially in case of zoomed or cuted-out photo of a distant subject) should be used. There are several ways how to place it. Some users prefer to add the Location template next to the Information template, some user prefer to nest it into the "description" field of the Information template.

empty required
date Date of creation, when the original source (such as photograph of 3-D scene, digital file, or original 2-D artwork) was created. Possible formats:
  • in ISO 8601 format, e.g. "2006-01-15" for "15 January 2006". Dates following this format are processed by {{ISOdate}}. The following formats are recognized:
    • YYYY
    • YYYY-MM
    • YYYY-MM-DD
    • YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm
    • YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
  • using {{date}}, {{other date}}, {{ISOdate}}, {{taken on}} or some of other date templates
  • For photos, there exist special templates {{Taken on}} (if there is need to distinguish from the creation date of the depicted work) and {{According to EXIF data}} (if the real date of taken is unknown or unstated). Those templates use ISO format (e. g. {{Taken on|YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm}}, {{According to EXIF data|YYYY-MM-DD}}
  • If the creation date of a file moved from other project is unknown, {{Original upload date}} can be used - this template should be also used (in addition) if the first publication date (outside Commons) is relevant in relation to copyright. This template also use the ISO format.
  • If the image depicts a real subject, its creation date can be stated in addition to the date of the depiction. For files depicting an artwork, date of creation of the artwork can be stated in {{Artwork}} template which contains also many other fields.
  • If the file is a modified or derivative work, both date of the original (source) work and date of the last version (derivative work) should be stated with appropriate comments or notes.
  • If needed, the date has to be furnished with some other specifying text (e. g. "date of creation", "date of the first publication", "date of modification" etc.) – if you use such text specification or more dates, the pure ISO format is unusable and some of the date templates is (are) needed.

"Date = 2008-06-09" is equivalent with "Date = {{date|2008|6|9}}", but extra text requires something like "Date = {{Taken on|2008-06-09}}" or "Date = {{other date|circa|2008-06-09}}" or "Date = panorama created on {{Date|2008|06|09}}".

empty required
source information about where the file is from (own files should be tagged with {{own}}); if the file is derived work, the original work(s) should be designated empty required
author original author of the file; where appropriate, use {{Creator:Name Surname}} with {{Creator}}. If the work is derived, the author of the original (e. g. depicted or retouched) work should be mentioned as well. empty required
permission license information, eventually other usage limitations and warnings blank field presented as: "⧼wm-license-information-permission-see-below⧽" optional
other_fields Additional table fields (in [escaped] wiki syntax). You can use {{Information field}} to populate this field. empty optional

Additional information

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This template is localized by utilizing MediaWiki namespace messages. These can be translated at translatewiki.net (current translations).

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