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Account Holder Roles

Adding content to Antwiki requires a user account that includes a user name and password. These accounts can only be created by an Antwiki administrator. There are two types of users, or user roles, that allow content to be added to the website.


Editors are ant experts that can edit existing content, create new pages, and upload files. Restricting editorial rights to this group allows the website to be populated with trusted, informative content.


Contributors can add text to discussion pages.

Contributors are not necessarily ant biologists but do have more than just an enthusiastic interest in ants. Undergraduate students working in the laboratory of an ant biologist or a graduate student studying ants under the guidance of a non-ant biologist, for example, could be considered for a contributor account. The most important qualification for becoming a contributor is to have an existing Antwiki editor or a professional myrmecologist willing to serve as your sponsor and request a contributor account on your behalf. Your editor or sponsor is vouching for you as being someone that would like to and is able to provide useful additions to Antwiki. Contributor account requests are reviewed by the Antwiki management team. If approved the account are created using the Contributor's name.

Many people are interested in ants but such interest does not make them an expert nor necessarily qualify them as a Contributor. Ant hobbyists and enthusiasts can find numerous outlets for discussing ants and sharing their observations with other like-minded folks. One such site is the Ant Farm.

Requesting an Account

If you are a biologist and would like an editor account please send an email to David Lubertazzi or Steve Shattuck. Existing editors and other qualified biologists can also request Contributor accounts from Dave or Steve.

Antwiki management reserve the right to deny an account to anyone that offers qualifications that do not show clear support for ant-expert status. We are also firmly committed to keeping the Antwiki editor community one that is respectful of other users and is mindful of providing sound contributions. Editorial rights can be revoked if an editor does not participate in good faith.

User Accounts

Account names

All account names are created using the first initial and the surname of the account holder.

Antwiki edits are automatically logged and include the editor's username. No anonymous changes, or changes that are hidden by an unidentifiable username, can be made to Antwiki content.

Account Holder Responsibilities

Being granted a user account means you agree to:

  • be respectful of fellow Antwiki editors
  • add content that is consistent with Antwiki’s aims
  • respect copyright when adding content to Antwiki

It is recommended that account holders provide, at a minimum, their institutional affiliation (if applicable) and contact information in the form of a mailing and/or email address on their user-account homepage.