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Ant Communities and Biodiversity

Species Interactions

Predators Specialized on Ants

  • Pangolins
  • Aardvarks
  • Horn Lizards (These are not toads)
  • Phrynosoma hernandesi, Greater short-horned lizard. Photo by Gary D. Alpert.

Parasitoids / Parasites Specializing on Ants

Parasitic eucharitid wasp.
  • Eucharitid Wasps - Eucharitidae (56 genera) specialize in attacking the immature stages of ants. (e.g. Peeters, C., Heraty, J. & Wiwatwitaya, D. 2015. Eucharitid wasp parasitoids in the cocoons of the ponerine ant Diacamma scalpratum from Thailand. Halteres 6: 90-94.)
  • Phorid Flies

Trophic Strategies