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This myrmecophilous genus of Histeridae, restricted to ant nests, contains eighteen species.

List of Eretmotus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Eretmotus alluaudi Théry, 1925 Aphaenogaster espadaleri Morocco
Eretmotus bedeli Lewis, 1892 ants Spain
Eretmotus carinatus Lewis, 1891 ants
Eretmotus cirtensis Lewis, 1892 Aphaenogaster depilis Spain
Eretmotus cobosi Yélamos, 1992 Aphaenogaster Spain
Eretmotus corpulentus Lewis, 1892 Aphaenogaster Spain
Eretmotus eurysternus Yélamos, 1992 ants Algeria, Morocco
Eretmotus ibericus Brisout de Barneville, 1866 ants
Eretmotus kabyliae Lewis, 1892 Aphaenogaster
Eretmotus leprieuri Marseul, 1862 Aphaenogaster Spain
Eretmotus lucasii Lacordaire, 1854 ants Spain
Eretmotus major Lewis, 1902 ants Spain
Eretmotus peyerimhoffi Théry, 1917 Aphaenogaster Morocco
Eretmotus planifrons Lewis, 1907 Aphaenogaster testaceopilosa Spain
Eretmotus sinuaticollis Lewis, 1902 ants
Eretmotus sociator (Coquerell in Coquerell and Fairmaire, 1858) Aphaenogaster testaceopilosa Spain
Eretmotus tangerianus Marseul, 1862 Aphaenogaster testaceopilosa Morocco (type), Spain
Eretmotus valens Lewis, 1894 Aphaenogaster testaceopilosa Spain


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