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Genus and Species Pages

Browse genera and species of extant and fossil ants
Identify ants within a genus to species and see a checklist of species for each genus.
There are lists of ant species for every country in the world.

Fossil Ants

An introduction to fossil ants.


Learn how Iridomyrmex purpureus defend their territories.

See data on foraging strategies used by large and small colonies.

Read about foraging behaviour in a group of ants.

Distribution & Diversity

Which country has the most genera and species?

Which group of ants is the smallest or largest?

Morphology & Terminology

What are the names of the parts of an ant?

Biochemistry, Genetics & Evolution

What are the relationships among the subfamilies?

How many chromosomes do ants have?

Learn which ants have cocoons and which don't.


How do ant mandibles relate to feeding behaviour?

Human Culture & Ants

See how people interact with ants.

People & History

Myrmecologists of the world who have described new species.

Table of Contents

AntWiki also has a Table of Contents.