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There are sixteen species in this genus which are Parasitoids of ants. More than one parasitoid can complete development on a single host larva.

List of Kapala and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Kapala argentina Gemignani, 1933 ants Argentina
Kapala atrata (Walker, 1862) Pachycondyla harpax Brazil
Kapala chacoensis Gemignani, 1947 ants Argentina
Kapala cuprea Cameron, 1913 Pachycondyla crassinoda Guyana
Kapala cynipsea (Walker, 1862) ants Brazil
Kapala dicerodera (Spinola, 1853) ants Brazil
Kapala flabellata (Fabricius, 1804) ants Brazil
Kapala floridana (Ashmead, 1885) Pogonomyrmex badius United States: Florida
Kapala furcata (Fabricius, 1804) ants United States
Kapala inexagens (Walker, 1862) ants Brazil
Kapala iridicolor (Cameron, 1904) Ectatomma ruidum, Gnamptogenys sulcata Nicaragua, Venezuela
Kapala ivorensis Risbec, 1954 ants Afrotropical: Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zaire.
Kapala izapa Carmichael, 2006 Ectatomma ruidum Mexico
Kapala splendens Ashmead, 1904 ants Brazil
Kapala sulcifacies (Cameron, 1904) Ectatomma ruidum Nicaragua
Kapala terminalis Ashmead, 1892 ants Cuba


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