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There are sixteen species in this genus which are Parasitoids of ants.

List of Neolosbanus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Neolosbanus anapetus Heraty, 1994 ants Philippines:Mindanao
Neolosbanus apoanus Heraty, 1994 ants Philippines
Neolosbanus gemma (Girault, 1932) ants Australia
Neolosbanus gressitti (Watanabe, 1958) ants Micronesia
Neolosbanus kokureanus Heraty, 1994 ants Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
Neolosbanus laeviceps (Gahan, 1940) ants Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Japan
Neolosbanus nepalensis Heraty, 1994 ants Nepal
Neolosbanus palgravei (Girault, 1922) Hypoponera Australia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Algeria, Singapore
Neolosbanus pilosus Heraty, 1994 ants Vietnam
Neolosbanus purpureoventris (Cameron, 1909) ants China, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam
Neolosbanus storeyi Heraty, 1994 ants Papua New Guinea, Australia, Solomon Islands, Indonesia|
Neolosbanus taiwanensis Heraty, 1994 ants China, Taiwan
Neolosbanus townesi Heraty, 1994 ants Papua New Guinea
Neolosbanus violaceus Heraty, 1994 ants Papua New Guinea
Neolosbanus watanabei Heraty, 1994 ants Philippines
Neolosbanus wusheanus Heraty, 1994 ants Taiwan


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