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The tribe Sphecomyrmini belongs to the subfamily Sphecomyrminae. For a list of genera contained within this tribe see Sphecomyrmini genera, for species see Sphecomyrmini species.

*Sphecomyrminae Wilson & Brown, in Wilson, Carpenter & Brown, 1967: 6. Type-genus: *Sphecomyrma.
Taxonomic history
*Sphecomyrmini as tribe of *Sphecomyrminae: Bolton, 1994: 187.
Genera (extinct) of *Sphecomyrmini: *Baikuris, *Cretomyrma, *Dlusskyidris, *Sphecomyrma, *Sphecomyrmodes.

Subfamily and tribe Sphecomyrmini references
Wheeler, G.C. & Wheeler, J. 1972a: 36 (diagnosis); Wilson, 1987: 44, 49 (review, synoptic classification); Bolton, 1995b: 15 (catalogue); Grimaldi, Agosti & Carpenter, 1997: 7 (review, diagnosis, phylogeny); Bolton, 2003: 74, 260 (diagnosis, synopsis); Perfilieva, 2011: 275 (venation).