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There are fourteen species in this myrmecophilous genus of New World Histeridae. The host ant is the genus Pheidole.

List of Terapus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Terapus arizonensis Ross, 1938 ants Arizona
Terapus balloui Hinton, 1934 Pheidole kingi Mexico
Terapus bickhardti Bruch, 1922 ants South America
Terapus flechtmanni Dégallier, 1999 ants South America
Terapus infernalis (Fall, 1907) Pheidole hyatti California
Terapus manni Hinton, 1945 ants Mexico
Terapus marseuli Westwood, 1874 ants South America
Terapus mexicanus Mann, 1926 ants Mexico
Terapus mirificus Reichensperger, 1926 Acromyrmex disciger, Pheidole South America
Terapus mnizechi Marseul, 1862 Pheidole hirtula Mexico
Terapus nigritus Hinton, 1934 Pheidole kingi Mexico
Terapus rufosetosus Bruch, 1930 ants South America
Terapus scaphipes Reichensperger, 1933 ants South America
Terapus wagneri Desbordes, 1914 ants South America


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