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("Really, they're more like guidelines …. ")

The following principles guide Antwiki and its content.

  • Information must be:
    • Accurate
    • Useful
    • Unambiguous
  • Information is provided by ant experts (normally those with a peer-reviewed publication record). This information appears on the Main webpages.
  • Comments are provided by ant enthusiasts (normally those with a special interest in ants). This information appears on the Discussion pages.
  • Any information can be included in Antwiki as long as it is accurate, useful and unambiguous. This includes all aspects of ant biology from A to Z and 0 to 9.
  • The use of non-restrictive Creative Commons licenses is encouraged but not required. Copyright protected information can be included if done so with the permission of the copyright owner.
  • There are an absolute minimum number of signs saying "Don't do that!" A few exceptions:
    • Only validly described species get Species Home Pages.
    • Species Home Pages must have an Antwiki-compliant Taxobox and Category set.
    • Species Home Pages should use Antwiki-compliant headings where possible with non-compliant headings added only when necessary.
  • While consistency of presentation is desirable, it is not an Antwiki goal.
  • Contributions made to Antwiki belong to the global community. All content may be edited by other Antwiki editors.
  • Antwiki is owned by everyone that contributes content.