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There are seven species in this parasitoid genus of Phoridae that attack ants.

List of Aenigmatopoeus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Aenigmatopoeus colyeri Schmitz, 1958 ants
Aenigmatopoeus cucullatus Colyer, 1958 ants Uganda
Aenigmatopoeus kohli Schmitz, 1915 Dorylus wilverthi South Africa
Aenigmatopoeus orbicularis Schmitz, 1914 ants Cameron, South Africa
Aenigmatopoeus pseudokohli Disney, 1997 ants
Aenigmatopoeus sequax Borgmeier, 1963 ants Kenya
Aenigmatopoeus sodalis Schmitz, 1951 ants


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