Checklist of Myopopone species

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Myopopone castanea-HUMCZ002H.jpg
Myopopone castanea
Myopopone Distribution.png
Myopopone Species Richness.png
Species Richness
Valid Species 1
Invalid Species 13
Fossils 1
Countries Occupied 19
Year Described 1861
First Species Described 1860
Last Species Described 1860

The following species and subspecies belong to the genus Myopopone. Synonyms are listed under their senior names. For valid names only see Myopopone species and for distribution information see Myopopone species by Country.


castanea (Smith, F., 1860) (Australia, Borneo, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Guinea, Nicobar Island, Philippines, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam)
   • Myopopone beccarii Emery, 1887
   • Myopopone castanea bakeri Viehmeyer, 1916
   • Myopopone castanea bugnioni Forel, 1913
   • Myopopone castanea proxima Stitz, 1925
   • Myopopone maculata Roger, 1861
   • Myopopone moelleri Bingham, 1903
   • Myopopone moelleri striatifrons Stitz, 1925
   • Myopopone picea Donisthorpe, 1938
   • Myopopone rossi Donisthorpe, 1948
   • Myopopone rufula Roger, 1861
   • Myopopone similis Donisthorpe, 1949
   • Myopopone smithi Donisthorpe, 1947
   • Myopopone wollastoni Donisthorpe, 1942

Fossil Species


sinensis Zhang, J., 1989 (Shanwang, China (Early Miocene))