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There are ten species in this myrmecophilous genus of Scarabaeidae.

List of Euparixia and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Euparixia boliviana Gordon & Mccleve, 2003 ants NEOTROPICAL(BOLIVIA, PERU)
Euparixia bruneri Chapin, 1940 ants Cuba
Euparixia campbelli Gordon & Mccleve, 2003 ants NEOTROPICAL(GUATEMALA, MEXICO)
Euparixia costaricensis Hinton, 1936 ants NEOTROPICAL(COSTA RICA, HONDURAS)
Euparixia formica Hinton, 1934 ants NEOTROPICAL(MEXICO:CHIAPAS, MÉXICO)
Euparixia isthmia Gordon & Mccleve, 2003 ants NEOTROPICAL(PANAMA, VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA)
Euparixia mexicana Gordon & Mccleve, 2003 ants NEOTROPICAL(MEXICO:COLIMA, JALISCO, NAYARIT, SINALOA, SONORA)
Euparixia moseri Woodruff & Cartwright, 1967 ants NEARCTIC(USA:LOUISIANA)
Euparixia panamaensis Gordon & Mccleve, 2003 ants Panama


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