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There are eight myrmecophilous species in this genus.

List of Heliodon and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Heliodon chapini Hull, 1941 ants Oriental
Heliodon doris Reemer, 2013 ants Oriental: Thailand
Heliodon elisabeth Keiser, 1958 ants Sri Lanka
Heliodon elisabethanna Reemer, 2013 ants Oriental: Thailand
Heliodon gloriosus Hull, 1941 ants Oriental
Heliodon klossi Curran, 1931 ants Borneo
Heliodon tiber Reemer, 2013 ants Indonesia: Sumatra
Heliodon tricinctus Meijere, 1908 ants Indonesia: Java


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