Key to Brachymyrmex with tumuliform metathoracic spiracles

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This worker key is based on: Ortiz, C.M. & Fernández, F. 2014. Brachymyrmex species with tumuliform metathoracic spiracles description of three new species and discussion of dimorphism in the genus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). ZooKeys 371, 13-33.

Ortiz and Fernández 2014. tumuliform metathoracic spiracles

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tumuliform metathoracic spiracles = spiracles that are fully dorsal and highly elevated on the meso-metanotum in lateral view

This group contains the two dimorphic Brachymyrmex species and three monomorphic species. All five species are found only in Brazil.


  • Clypeus with a single long apical hair near to the anterior margin, two lateral hairs medially and two hairs near the toruli; monomorphic . . . . . 2
  • Clypeus with a continuous row of long thick hairs near the anterior margin, and remaining pilosity not arranged as above; dimorphic . . . . . 4


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  • Toruli surpassing the posterior clypeal margin (best observed in anterodorsal oblique view); entire body smooth and shiny . . . . . 3
  • Toruli touching the posterior clypeal margin but never surpassing it (best observed in anterodorsal oblique view); head and mesosoma finely punctate and opaque; gaster smooth and shiny . . . . . Brachymyrmex brasiliensis
Ortiz, CBrachymyrmex-brasiliensis1.jpg


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  • Mesosoma without erect hairs; first gastral segment with dense yellowish pubescence . . . . . Brachymyrmex feitosai
Ortiz, CBrachymyrmex-feitosai1.jpg
  • Mesosoma with two erect hairs on pronotum and two on mesonotum; gaster without pubescence . . . . . Brachymyrmex delabiei


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  • Mesosoma mostly smooth and shiny, except for longitudinal striations restricted to the metapleura; body entirely light brown . . . . . Brachymyrmex micromegas
MCZ ENT Brachymyrmex micromegas hal.jpg
  • Mesosoma with fine longitudinal striations all over; gaster darker than the rest of body . . . . . Brachymyrmex pilipes
Brachymyrmex pilipes casent0911610 p 1 high.jpg