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This genus of myrmecophilous syrphidae contain 43 species. Larvae are found in ant nests.

List of Metadon and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Metadon achterbergi Reemer, 2013 ants Oriental: Vietnam
Metadon aethiopicus (Róndani, 1873) ants Eritrea
Metadon albofascia (Hull, 1944) ants
Metadon annandalei (Brunetti, 1907) ants
Metadon apicalis (Walker, 1858) ants Indonesia: Aru Islands
Metadon apis (Speiser, 1913) ants South Africa
Metadon appendiculatus (Curran, 1929) ants
Metadon aureomagnificus (Hull, 1944) ants
Metadon auricinctus (Brunetti, 1908) ants
Metadon auroscutatus (Curran, 1928) ants
Metadon bicolor (Sack, 1922) ants
Metadon bicoloratus (Hull, 1944) ants
Metadon bifasciatus (Matsumura, 1916) ants
Metadon brunneipennis (Huo, Ren & Zheng, 2007) ants
Metadon captum (Speiser, 1913) ants
Metadon erythrocephalus (Bezzi, 1915) ants
Metadon flavipes (Brunetti, 1908) ants
Metadon fulvicornis (Walker, 1858) ants
Metadon fulvipes (Meijere, 1908) ants
Metadon fuscicornis (Sasakawa, 1960) ants
Metadon fuscus (Meijere, 1908) ants
Metadon inappendiculatus (Curran, 1929) ants
Metadon inermis (Loew, 1858) ants
Metadon modesticolor (Hull, 1944) ants
Metadon montis (Keiser, 1958) ants
Metadon mydas (Bezzi, 1915) ants
Metadon mynthes (Séguy, 1953) ants
Metadon pallidus (Bezzi, 1915) ants
Metadon pendelburyi (Curran, 1931) ants
Metadon persicus Gilasian & Reemer, 2015 ants Iran
Metadon pingliensis (Huo, Ren & Zheng, 2007) ants
Metadon pretiosus (Curran, 1931) ants
Metadon punctulatus (Wiedemann, 1824) ants
Metadon robinsoni (Curran, 1928) ants
Metadon ruficaudus (Brunetti, 1907) ants
Metadon rugosus (Bezzi, 1915) ants
Metadon rutiliventris (Vockeroth, 1975) ants
Metadon rutilus (Keiser, 1952) ants
Metadon sacki (Goot, 1964) ants
Metadon spuribifasciatus (Huo, Ren & Zheng, 2007) ants
Metadon squamipennis (Brunetti, 1923) ants
Metadon taprobanicus (Keiser, 1958) ants
Metadon wulpii (Mik, 1899) ants


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