Myrmica cachmiriensis

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Myrmica cachmiriensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Myrmicinae
Tribe: Myrmicini
Genus: Myrmica
Species: M. cachmiriensis
Binomial name
Myrmica cachmiriensis
Forel, 1904

Myrmica cachmiriensis P casent0904092.jpg

Myrmica cachmiriensis D casent0904092.jpg

Specimen Label


M. cachmiriensis has been found at altitudes between 2100 and 3500 m, but its ecology is poorly known. Philip Ward (pers. comm.) found it in open pine and fir-pine forests, while Menozzi (1939) noted this species was found on irrigated fields in oases in arid territories. Alate queens and males have been collected in mid July. (Radchenko and Elmes 2010)

This species forms small nests (with 10-50 workers) under stones in soil covered with scattered vegetation. However, few nests were found in dense forests in soil covered with leaf litter. These ants appear to prefer shady areas, as they were never observed in exposed habitats. Nest temperature ranged from 14°C to 22°C and relative humidity 91%. Alates were observed during July and August. Altitudinal range for this species is 1829 to 3500m above mean sea level. (Bharti et al., 2016)


A member of the cachmiriensis complex of the rugosa species group. It most resembles Myrmica wardi, but differs from the latter by the much finer sculpture on the head dorsum. (Radchenko and Elmes 2010)

Keys including this Species


India (Kashmir), NE Pakistan. A record for China (Eidmann 1941) almost certainly belongs to another species. (Radchenko and Elmes 2010)

Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Oriental Region: India (type locality), Pakistan.

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • cachmiriensis. Myrmica smythiesii r. cachmiriensis Forel, 1904c: 23 (w.) INDIA. Menozzi, 1939a: 292 (m.). Raised to species: Radchenko & Elmes, 2001a: 251. Senior synonym of lutescens: Radchenko & Elmes, 2001a: 251. See also: Radchenko & Elmes, 2010: 107.
  • lutescens. Myrmica smythiesi var. lutescens Menozzi, 1939a: 292 (w.q.) INDIA. [First available use of Myrmica smythiesii r. cachmiriensis var. lutescens Forel, 1904c: 23; unavailable name.] Junior synonym of cachmiriensis: Radchenko & Elmes, 2001a: 251.

Type Material

Myrmica cachmiriensis

  • Lectotype of (designated by Radchenko & Elmes, 2001): “Kashmir, Sind Valley, 9500ft (Wroughton)”, “M.smythiesii v. kashmiriensis Forel, type” (MHNG).
  • Paralectotypes (designated by Radchenko & Elmes, 2001): 2 workers with same labels as lectotype (MHNG); 1worker, “M.smythiesii For. var. kaschmiriensis w type Sind Valley, 7500’ Kaschmir (Wroughton) Jh.6” (MSNG).

M. smythiesi lutescens

  • Lectotype of (designated by Radchenko & Elmes, 2001): worker, “Cachmire (Smythies)”, “M. smythiesi For. r. cachmiriensis For. v. lutescens For., type” (MHNG).



Radchenko and Elmes 2010 - M. cachmiriensis: named from the Himalayan region of Cachmire (alternative spelling of Kashmir) combined with the Latin suffix ensis = place of origin, to indicate where the type material was collected.


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