Pseudolasius sumatrensis

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Pseudolasius sumatrensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Formicinae
Tribe: Lasiini
Genus: Pseudolasius
Species: P. sumatrensis
Binomial name
Pseudolasius sumatrensis
(Mayr, 1883)

Pseudolasius sumatrensis casent0915729 p 1 high.jpg

Pseudolasius sumatrensis casent0915729 d 1 high.jpg

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Indo-Australian Region: Indonesia (type locality).

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Syntype of Prenolepis sumatrensisMale (alate). Specimen code casent0915729. Photographer Daniela Lehner, uploaded by California Academy of Sciences. Owned by NHMW, Vienna, Austria.


The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • sumatrensis. Prenolepis sumatrensis Mayr, 1883: 247 (q.m.) INDONESIA (Sumatra). Combination in Pseudolasius: Forel, 1913k: 114.



  • Forel, A. 1913l. Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse einer Forschungsreise nach Ostindien ausgeführt im Auftrage der Kgl. Preuss. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin von H. v. Buttel-Reepen. II. Ameisen aus Sumatra, Java, Malacca und Ceylon. Gesammelt von Her (page 114, Combination in Pseudolasius)
  • Mayr, G. 1883a. Drei neue ost-indische Formiciden-Arten. Notes Leyden Mus. 5: 245-247 (page 247, queen, male described)

References based on Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics

  • Chapman, J. W., and Capco, S. R. 1951. Check list of the ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Asia. Monogr. Inst. Sci. Technol. Manila 1: 1-327