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There are five myrmecophilous species in this genus. Vein R4+5 with posterior appendix. Abdomen oval. Vertex flat. Occiput dorsally (slightly) widened. Postpronotum pilose. Scutellum with calcars. Postero-apical corner of cell r4+5 rectangular, with small appendix. Proepimeron pilose. Anepisternum widely bare medially, also on dorsal half. Anepimeron entirely pilose. Male genitalia: phallus furcate near apex.

List of Serichlamys and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Serichlamys diversipilosus Curran, 1925 ants Nearctic
Serichlamys mitis Curran, 1940 ants Neotropical
Serichlamys mus Curran, 1936 ants Neotropical
Serichlamys rufipes Macquart, 1842 ants Nearctic : Florida
Serichlamys scutifer Knab, 1917 ants Nearctic: Texas


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