Solenopsis stricta species complex

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The following is based on: Pacheco, J.A. & Mackay, W.P. 2013. The systematics and biology of the New World thief ants of the genus Solenopsis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York. 501 pp. PDF

Solenopsis stricta Species Complex

This is a group of New World thief ants in the genus Solenopsis.

Diagnosis - The workers are moderately large in size (total length 1.6-2.25 mm), with relatively large eyes (0.03-0.04 mm maximum diameter). The lateral clypeal teeth are poorly developed or even absent, with the clypeal carina passing anteriorly, abruptly bending and forming the lateral anterior border of the clypeus. The notopropodeal suture is deeply impressed; the propodeum is broadly rounded, with no indication of a separation into a dorsopropodeum and posteropropodeum. The petiole is much larger and wider than in the workers in the other complexes, with the width (at the level of the dorsum of the anterior peduncle) greater than the height (from dorsum of anterior peduncle to apex). You might also be interested in


Key to workers of the stricta species complex


  • Propodeum dome-shaped, with noticeable hump; scape long (0.48-0.50 mm); length of minor funicular segments long (0.22-0.24 mm); peduncle noticeably elongate; known only from Costa Rica. . . . . Solenopsis longinoi
  • Propodeum broadly rounded, with no prominent bulge; scape shorter (0.33-0.42 mm); length of minor funicular segments shorter (0.15-0.18 mm); peduncle not extended; widespread . . . . . 2


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  • Usually deep reddish-brown, with black gaster (occasionally concolorous yellow in Brazil); petiole thickened, robust (viewed dorsally); Mexico to Paraguay . . . . . Solenopsis hayemi
  • Usually pale brown to medium brown, with slightly darker gaster; petiole thin, slender (viewed dorsally); Panama south to Paraguay and Bolivia . . . . . Solenopsis stricta
Solenopsis stricta casent0178147 head 1.jpg
Solenopsis stricta casent0178147 profile 1.jpg

Clave para las obreras del complejo stricta


  • Propodeo en forma de cúpula, con una joroba notable; escapo alargado (0,48-0,50 mm); segmentos menores del funículo alargados (0,22-0,24 mm); pedúnculo peciolar notablemente alargado; reportada solamente de Costa Rica . . . . . Solenopsis longinoi
  • Propodeo redondeado posteriormente (Fig. 117), sin joroba; escapo (Fig. 118) más corto (0,33-0,42 mm); segmentos menores del funículo más cortos (0,15-0,18 mm); pedúnculo no muy alargado (Fig. 117); de amplia distribución . . . . . 2E


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  • Usualmente rojizo oscuro, con gáster negro (de vez en cuando amarillo concoloreado en Brasil); pecíolo grueso, robusto (visto dorsal); México (Chiapas y Veracruz) a Brasil (São Paulo) y Paraguay (Canindeyú) . . . . . Solenopsis hayemi
  • Usualmente marrón pálido a marrón medio, con gáster levemente más oscuro; pecíolo delgado (visto dorsal); Panamá a Bolivia y Brasil . . . . . Solenopsis stricta
Solenopsis stricta casent0178147 head 1.jpg
Solenopsis stricta casent0178147 profile 1.jpg