Key to Polyrhachis (Hemioptica) species

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The following key to Polyrhachis (Hemioptica) species (based on the worker caste) is modified from Dorow and Kohout (1995[1]).


  • Smaller (HL <1.47); body covered with appressed silvery pubescence; eyes more or less entire => Polyrhachis bugnioni
  • Larger (HL >1.57); dorsal surfaces of body virtually without appressed pubescence; eyes posteriorly truncate => 2


  • Dorsum of mesosoma highly polished; lateral angles of petiole broadly and obtusely dentate => Polyrhachis boltoni
  • Dorsum of mesosoma closely sculptured, semi opaque; lateral angles of petiole acutely spinose => Polyrhachis scissa


  1. Dorow, W.H.O. & Kohout, R.J. 1995. A review of the subgenus Hemioptica Roger of the genus Polyrhachis Fr. Smith with description of a new species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae). Zool. Meded. (Leiden) 69: 93-104.