Key to Tetramorium semilaeve complex queens

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This queen key is based on: Salata, S. and L. Borowiec. 2017. Species of Tetramorium semilaeve complex from Balkans and western Turkey, with description of two new species of (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae). Annales Zoologici (Warsaw). 62:279–313. (DOI:10.3161/00034541ANZ2017.67.2.008).

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Tetramorium bellerophoni F19.jpg
Tetramorium bellerophoni F20-21.jpg
Tetramorium galaticum F7.jpg
Tetramorium galaticum F3-4.jpg


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  • Scutum at base and laterally with striation extending from base to at least half length of scutum . . . . . 4
  • Scutum completely smooth and shiny or with short striation at base, never extending to half length of scutum . . . . . 5


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Tetramorium hippocratis F54.jpg
Tetramorium hippocratis F56-57.jpg


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  • Body colouration dark brown, head rugosity thin and fine with sparse punctuation between rugae, Eastern Mediterranean species . . . . . Tetramorium kephalosi
Tetramorium kephalosi F35-37.jpg
Tetramorium kephalosi F33-34.jpg
  • Body colouration light brown, head rugosity thick with coarse and dense punctation between rugae, Western Mediterranean species . . . . . Tetramorium semilaeve