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Published Poems

J.W. Hackett. 1968. Haiku Poetry, Volume 4. Japan Publications, Tokyo.

The ants on this cloth
   are even carrying off
      their own casualties.

Now vigorously
   shaking the kitten’s paw—
      an adventurous ant.

Hardy ant, even
   heavily burdened you climb
      this sheer garden wall.

The ant stepped on
   by a paw of the slinking cat,
      just scampers away.

An applecore, just
   short of the sea’s surging wash:
      caravaning ants.

Ants of the World

The Ants of the World Project has provided Haikus for a range of ant genera. Please enjoy a different view of these fascinating ants!

Adetomyrma (Jack Longino)       Adetomyrma venatrix casent0101400 head 1.jpg

Defying ant rules
The petiole is missing!
Madagascan gem

Amblyopone (Jack Longino)       Shattuck 48709-web, ANIC32-047407, Amblyopone australis, near Adamidaby, NSW.jpg

A row of short pegs
Adorn clypeal border
Clasp centipedes tight

Ankylomyrma (Jack Longino)       Ankylomyrma coronacantha casent0005904 head 1.jpg

From leafy bower
This relict fantasy
Graces Africa

Fulakora (Jack Longino)       Amblyopone celata casent0172191 head 1.jpg

Place-based moniker
From Mann's plantation sojourn
Exploitative past

Myopopone (Jack Longino)       Myopopone castanea-HUMCZ002H.jpg

Drive-in restaurant
Workers take kids out to dine
On fat beetle grub

Tatuidris (Jack Longino)       Tatuidris tatusia casent0178882 head 1.jpg

Before DNA
Its placement mysterious
Bolton first to know

Other Authors

Onychomyrmex       Onychomyrmex hedleyi casent0102176 head 1.jpg

Army ant way of life
Dichthadiiform queens present
Australia is home