Key to Monomorium of Hispaniola

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Additional information about the ants of the island can be found here: Ants of Hispaniola

Key to Workers


  • Entire body, with the exeption of the entirely black gaster, and all appendages reddish-orange . . . . . Monomorium bicolor
Monomorium bicolor casent0073615 head 1.jpg
Monomorium bicolor casent0073615 profile 1.jpg


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  • Head and dorsal mesosomal microreticulate, matte and not smoothly shiny; head yellow . . . . . Monomorium pharaonis
Monomorium pharaonis casent0104095 head 1.jpg
Monomorium pharaonis casent0104095 profile 1.jpg
  • Head and mesosomal dorsum mostly smooth and shining; any sculpture, if present, reduced; head brown to dark brown, not yellow . . . . . 3


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  • Mesosoma and petiole clear yellow or at most light brownish, contrasting with dark brown or reddish brown head and gaster . . . . . Monomorium floricola
Monomorium floricola ANIC32-053518 head 100-Antwiki.jpg
Monomorium floricola ANIC32-053518 side 80-Antwiki.jpg
Monomorium ebeninum casent0104083 head 1.jpg
Monomorium ebeninum casent0104083 profile 1.jpg