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For more than fifty years Rüdiger Wehner and his collaborators have studied how Cataglyphis forage and navigate. Wehner and his collaborators have revealed how these ants use polarized light in the sky, the Earth’s magnetic field, wind direction, a step counter, panoramic “snapshots” of landmarks and more to successfully locate a small, unadorned nest-entrance in the ground. "Desert Navigator" provides a lively and lucid account of the remarkable skills of these charismatic desert dwellers, the experiments that revealed how they solve complex navigation problems, and a personal narrative of how this work progressed over more than 50 years of field research.

A major worker/soldier with swollen abdomen (food storage), minors, and brood of Carebara jajoby (Image by Christian Peeters).
An image from the 2018 revision of the Carebara of the Malagasy Region by Azore and Fisher. [1].

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