Dominican Amber

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Dominican Amber
Age (Ma)
Start: 26
End: 15
System/Period: Neogene
Series/Epoch: Miocene
Stage/Age: Burdigalian
Country: Dominican Republic
Coordinates: 19.6°N, 70.8°W
Genera: 34
Species: 86

List of Ants from Dominican Amber (Miocene, 16-19 mya; Seyfullah et al., 2018). Dominican amber differentiates itself from Baltic amber by being mostly transparent and often containing a higher number of fossil inclusions. This has enabled the detailed reconstruction of the ecosystem of a long-vanished tropical forest. Resin from the extinct species Hymenaea protera is the source of Dominican amber and probably of most amber found in the tropics. It is not "succinite" but "retinite".

Note that an undescribed species of Linepithema from Dominican amber is mentioned by Poinar et al. (2006).

Genera known from Dominican amber

Species known from Dominican amber

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