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Only a handful of ants have widely used common names. Also, there is no "official" list of common names for ants, and while many names have been proposed over the years, most are no where near "commonly used". The names listed here are those that have been widely accepted and published across numerous sources, both taxonomic and biological.

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Taxon Subfamily Name Translation Language Notes Source
Acropyga kinomurai Formicinae Hirase-yotsuba-ari Japanese
Acropyga nipponensis Formicinae Itsutsuba-ari Japanese
Acropyga sauteri Formicinae Mitsuba-ari Japanese
Acropyga yaeyamensis Formicinae Yotsuba-ari Japanese
Aenictus ceylonicus Dorylinae Chairo-himesasurai-ari Japanese
Aenictus lifuiae Dorylinae Hime-sasurai-ari Japanese
Anochetus shohki Ponerinae Hime-agito-ari Japanese
Anoplolepis gracilipes Formicinae Yellow crazy ant English
Aphaenogaster concolor Myrmicinae Ryuukyuu-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster donann Myrmicinae Kuromi-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster edentula Myrmicinae Togenashi-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster erabu Myrmicinae Erabusi-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster famelica Myrmicinae Ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster gracillima Myrmicinae Kubinaga-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster irrigua Myrmicinae Sawa-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster japonica Myrmicinae Yamato-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster kumejimana Myrmicinae Kumezima-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster lepida Myrmicinae 빨간장다리개미 BBal-Gan-Jang-Da-Ri-Gaemi Korean
Aphaenogaster luteipes Myrmicinae Ikubi-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster minutula Myrmicinae Hime-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster osimenseis Myrmicinae Iso-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster rugulosa Myrmicinae Yonaguni-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster tipuna Myrmicinae Takasago-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Aphaenogaster tokarainsulana Myrmicinae Tokara-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Atta texana Myrmicinae Texas Leafcutting Ant English
Brachyponera chinensis Ponerinae Asian Needle Ant English
Brachyponera luteipes Ponerinae Tsuya-oo-hari-ari Japanese
Camponotus albosparsus Formicinae Aka-yotsuboshi-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus amamianus Formicinae Tsuya-mikado-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus bishamon Formicinae Hoso-umematsu-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus chromaiodes Formicinae Red Carpenter Ant English
Camponotus daitoensis Formicinae Daitou-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus devestivus Formicinae Ameiro-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus floridanus Formicinae Florida Carpenter Ant English
Camponotus hemichlaena Formicinae Nishi-muneaka-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus herculeanus Formicinae Karafuto-kuro-oo-ari Japanese as ''Camponotus sachalinensis''
Camponotus itoi Formicinae Itou-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus japonicus Formicinae Kuro-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus kaguya Formicinae Yumise-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus keihitoi Formicinae Kusa-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus kiusiuensis Formicinae Mikado-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus monju Formicinae Kebuka-ameiro-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus nawai Formicinae Nawa-yotsuboshi-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus nipponensis Formicinae Kebuka-tsuya-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus obscuripes Formicinae Muneaka-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus ogasawarensis Formicinae Ogasawara-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus pennsylvanicus Formicinae Black Carpenter Ant English
Camponotus quadrinotatus Formicinae Yotsuboshi-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus variegatus Formicinae Hawaiian Carpenter Ant English
Camponotus vitiosus Formicinae Umematsu-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus yamaokai Formicinae Yama-yotsuboshi-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus yambaru Formicinae Usuki-oo-ari Japanese
Camponotus yessensis Formicinae Kebuka-kuro-oo-ari Japanese
Cardiocondyla kagutsuchi Myrmicinae Hiyake-hadaka-ari Japanese
Cardiocondyla minutior Myrmicinae Hime-hadaka-ari Japanese as ''Cardiocondyla tsukuyomi''
Cardiocondyla nuda Myrmicinae Hadaka-ari Japanese
Cardiocondyla wroughtonii Myrmicinae Kiiro-hadaka-ari Japanese
Carebara borealis Myrmicinae Oo-kotsuno-ari Japanese
Carebara diversa Myrmicinae Yokozuna-ari Japanese
Carebara hannya Myrmicinae Hime-kotsuno-ari Japanese
Carebara oni Myrmicinae Oni-kotsuno-ari Japanese
Carebara sauteri Myrmicinae Taiwan-kotsuno-ari Japanese
Carebara yamatonis Myrmicinae Kotsuno-ari Japanese
Colobopsis nipponica Formicinae Hirazu-oo-ari Japanese
Crematogaster matsumurai Myrmicinae Haributo-shiriage-ari Japanese
Crematogaster nawai Myrmicinae Tsuya-shiriage-ari Japanese
Crematogaster osakensis Myrmicinae Kiiro-shiriage-ari Japanese
Crematogaster suehiro Myrmicinae Suehiro-shiriage-ari Japanese
Crematogaster teranishii Myrmicinae Teranishi-shiriage-ari Japanese
Crematogaster vagula Myrmicinae Kubomi-shiriage-ari Japanese
Cryptopone sauteri Ponerinae Togezune-hari-ari Japanese
Cryptopone tengu Ponerinae Hanadaka-hari-ari Japanese
Discothyrea sauteri Proceratiinae Daruma-ari Japanese
Dolichoderus sibiricus Dolichoderinae Shiberia-kata-ari Japanese
Dorymyrmex insanus Dolichoderinae Pyramid Ant English
Ectomomyrmex javanus Ponerinae Tsushima-hari-ari Japanese
Erromyrma latinodis Myrmicinae Shiwa-hime-ari Japanese
Euponera pilosior Ponerinae Kebuka-hari-ari Japanese
Euponera sakishimensis Ponerinae Aka-kebuka-hari-ari Japanese
Forelius pruinosus Dolichoderinae High Noon Ant English
Formica candida Formicinae Tsuya-kuroyama-ari Japanese
Formica exsectoides Formicinae Allegheny Mound Ant English
Formica fukaii Formicinae Tsuno-akayama-ari Japanese
Formica gagatoides Formicinae Takane-kuroyama-ari Japanese
Formica hayashi Formicinae Hayashi-kuroyama-ari Japanese
Formica japonica Formicinae Kuroyama-ari Japanese
Formica lemani Formicinae Yama-kuroyama-ari Japanese
Formica obscuripes Formicinae Western Thatching Ant English
Formica sanguinea Formicinae Akayama-ari Japanese
Formica truncorum Formicinae Kezune-akayama-ari Japanese
Formica yessensis Formicinae Ezo-akayama-ari Japanese
Hypoponera beppin Ponerinae Beppin-nise-hari-ari Japanese
Hypoponera nippona Ponerinae Higenaga-nise-hari-ari Japanese
Hypoponera nubatama Ponerinae Kuro-nise-hari-ari Japanese
Hypoponera opaciceps Ponerinae Kadofushi-nise-hari-ari Japanese
Hypoponera punctatissima Ponerinae Tobi-nise-hari-ari Japanese as ''Hypoponera bondroiti''
Hypoponera ragusai Ponerinae Fushinaga-nise-hari-ari Japanese as ''Hypoponera gleadowi''
Hypoponera sauteri Ponerinae Nise-hari-ari Japanese
Lasius alienus Formicinae Hime-tobiiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius capitatus Formicinae Fushiboso-kusa-ari Japanese
Lasius claviger Formicinae Smaller Yellow Ant English
Lasius flavus Formicinae キイロケアリ Kiiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius hayashi Formicinae Hayashi-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius hikosanus Formicinae Miyama-ameiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius interjectus Formicinae Larger Yellow Ant English
Lasius japonicus Formicinae Tobiiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius meridionalis Formicinae Higenaga-ameiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius morisitai Formicinae Morishita-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius nipponensis Formicinae Kuro-kusa-ari Japanese
Lasius orientalis Formicinae Teranishi-ke-ari Japanese as ''Lasius teranishii''
Lasius productus Formicinae Higenaga-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius sakagamii Formicinae Kawara-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius sonobei Formicinae Minami-kiiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius spathepus Formicinae Kusa-ari-modoki Japanese
Lasius talpa Formicinae Hime-kiiro-ke-ari Japanese
Lasius umbratus Formicinae Ameiro-ke-ari Japanese
Leptanilla japonica Leptanillinae Yamato-mukashi-ari Japanese
Leptanilla kubotai Leptanillinae Tosa-mukashi-ari Japanese
Leptanilla morimotoi Leptanillinae Hikosan-mukashi-ari Japanese
Leptanilla oceanica Leptanillinae Ogasawara-mukashi-ari Japanese
Leptanilla tanakai Leptanillinae Yakushima-mukashi-ari Japanese
Leptogenys confucii Ponerinae Hashiri-hari-ari Japanese
Leptothorax acervorum Myrmicinae Takane-muneboso-ari Japanese
Linepithema humile Dolichoderinae Argentine Ant English
Lioponera daikoku Dorylinae Kuro-kubire-hari-ari Japanese
Lordomyrma azumai Myrmicinae Mizogashira-ari Japanese
Manica yessensis Myrmicinae Tsuya-kushike-ari Japanese
Messor aciculatus Myrmicinae Kuronaga-ari Japanese
Monomorium chinense Myrmicinae Kuro-hime-ari Japanese
Monomorium floricola Myrmicinae Futairo-hime-ari Japanese
Monomorium hiten Myrmicinae Futamon-hime-ari Japanese
Monomorium intrudens Myrmicinae Hime-ari Japanese
Monomorium minimum Myrmicinae Little Black Ant English
Monomorium pharaonis Myrmicinae Pharaoh Ant English
Monomorium triviale Myrmicinae Kiiro-hime-ari Japanese
Myrmecina amamiana Myrmicinae Sujibuto-kadofushi-ari Japanese
Myrmecina flava Myrmicinae Kiiro-kadofushi-ari Japanese
Myrmecina nipponica Myrmicinae Kadofushi-ari Japanese
Myrmecina ryukyuensis Myrmicinae Kogata-kadofushi-ari Japanese
Myrmica jessensis Myrmicinae Ezo-kushike-ari Japanese
Myrmica kotokui Myrmicinae Shiwa-kushike-ari Japanese
Myrmica kurokii Myrmicinae Kuroki-kushike-ari Japanese
Myrmica rubra Myrmicinae Kiiro-kushike-ari Japanese
Nylanderia amia Formicinae Kebuka-ameiro-ari Japanese
Nylanderia flavipes Formicinae Ameiro-ari Japanese
Nylanderia fulva Formicinae Tawny Crazy Ant English
Nylanderia nubatama Formicinae Kuro-sakura-ari Japanese
Nylanderia ogasawarensis Formicinae Ogasawara-ameiro-ari Japanese
Nylanderia otome Formicinae Hiyowa-ameiro-ari Japanese
Nylanderia ryukyuensis Formicinae Ryuukyuu-ameiro-ari Japanese
Nylanderia yaeyamensis Formicinae Yaeyama-ameiro-ari Japanese
Nylanderia yambaru Formicinae Yanbaru-ameiro-ari Japanese
Ochetellus glaber Dolichoderinae Ruri-ari Japanese
Odontomachus monticola Ponerinae Agito-ari Japanese
Ooceraea biroi Dorylinae Kubire-hari-ari Japanese
Paraparatrechina sakurae Formicinae Sakura-ari Japanese
Parasyscia hashimotoi Dorylinae Jyuuni-kubire-hari-ari Japanese
Paratrechina longicornis Formicinae Crazy Ant English
Parvaponera darwinii Ponerinae Dahwin-hari-ari Japanese
Pheidole fervens Myrmicinae Minami-oozu-ari Japanese
Pheidole fervida Myrmicinae Azuma-oozu-ari Japanese
Pheidole indica Myrmicinae Indo-oozu-ari Japanese
Pheidole megacephala Myrmicinae African Big-headed Ant English
Pheidole nodus Myrmicinae Oozu-ari Japanese
Pheidole parva Myrmicinae Bugi-oozu-ari Japanese as ''Pheidole bugi''
Pheidole pieli Myrmicinae Hime-oozu-ari Japanese
Pheidole ryukyuensis Myrmicinae Naga-oozu-ari Japanese
Pheidole susanowo Myrmicinae Kuro-oozu-ari Japanese
Plagiolepis alluaudi Formicinae Usu-hime-ki-ari Japanese
Plagiolepis flavescens Formicinae Himeki-ari Japanese
Pogonomyrmex badius Myrmicinae Florida Harvester Ant English
Pogonomyrmex barbatus Myrmicinae Red Harvester Ant English
Pogonomyrmex californicus Myrmicinae California Harvester Ant English
Pogonomyrmex maricopa Myrmicinae Maricopa Harvester Ant English
Pogonomyrmex occidentalis Myrmicinae Western Harvester Ant English
Pogonomyrmex rugosus Myrmicinae Rough Harvester Ant English
Polyergus samurai Formicinae Samurai-ari Japanese
Polyrhachis dives Formicinae Kuro-toge-ari Japanese
Polyrhachis lamellidens Formicinae Toge-ari Japanese
Polyrhachis latona Formicinae Taiwan-toge-ari Japanese
Polyrhachis moesta Formicinae Chikushi-toge-ari Japanese
Ponera bishamon Ponerinae Hoso-hime-hari-ari Japanese
Ponera japonica Ponerinae Hime-hari-ari Japanese
Ponera kohmoku Ponerinae Manako-hari-ari Japanese
Ponera scabra Ponerinae Teranishi-hari-ari Japanese
Ponera swezeyi Ponerinae Ogasawara-hari-ari Japanese
Ponera takaminei Ponerinae Arehada-hari-ari Japanese
Ponera tamon Ponerinae Minami-hime-hari-ari Japanese
Pristomyrmex Myrmicinae Amime-ari-zoku Japanese
Pristomyrmex brevispinosus Myrmicinae Togemune-amime-ari Japanese as ''Pristomyrmex yaeyamensis''
Pristomyrmex punctatus Myrmicinae Amime-ari Japanese as ''Pristomyrmex pungens''
Probolomyrmex longinodus Proceratiinae Hoso-hananaga-ari Japanese
Probolomyrmex okinawensis Proceratiinae Hananaga-ari Japanese
Proceratium itoi Proceratiinae Itou-kagibara-ari Japanese
Proceratium japonicum Proceratiinae Yamato-kagibara-ari Japanese
Proceratium morisitai Proceratiinae Morishita-kagibara-ari Japanese
Proceratium watasei Proceratiinae Watase-kagibara-ari Japanese
Protanilla lini Leptanillinae Okinawa-juzufushi-ari Japanese
Pseudomyrmex gracilis Pseudomyrmecinae Slender Twig Ant English
Pseudoponera stigma Ponerinae Pan-tropical panther ant English
Recurvidris recurvispinosa Myrmicinae Kakubara-ari Japanese
Rhopalomastix omotoensis Myrmicinae Higebuto-ari Japanese
Solenopsis geminata Myrmicinae Tropical Fire Ant English
Solenopsis invicta Myrmicinae Red Imported Fire Ant English
Solenopsis japonica Myrmicinae Tofushi-ari Japanese
Solenopsis molesta Myrmicinae Thief Ant English
Solenopsis richteri Myrmicinae Black Imported Fire Ant English
Solenopsis tipuna Myrmicinae Okinawa-tofushi-ari Japanese
Solenopsis xyloni Myrmicinae Southern Fire Ant English
Stenamma nipponense Myrmicinae Hime-naga-ari Japanese
Stenamma owstoni Myrmicinae Naga-ari Japanese
Stigmatomma caliginosum Amblyoponinae Hime-nokogiri-hari-ari Japanese
Stigmatomma fulvidum Amblyoponinae Keshi-nokogiri-hari-ari Japanese
Stigmatomma sakaii Amblyoponinae Yaiba-nokogiri-hari-ari Japanese
Stigmatomma silvestrii Amblyoponinae Nokogiri-hari-ari Japanese
Strongylognathus koreanus Myrmicinae Ibari-ari Japanese
Strumigenys benten Myrmicinae Iga-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys canina Myrmicinae Hirata-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys circothrix Myrmicinae Maruge-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys emmae Myrmicinae Yofushi-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys exilirhina Myrmicinae Kibabuto-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys hexamera Myrmicinae Sedaka-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys hirashimai Myrmicinae Hime-sedaka-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys hiroshimensis Myrmicinae Hiroshima-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys incerta Myrmicinae Nokoba-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys japonica Myrmicinae Yamato-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys kichijo Myrmicinae Kichijou-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys lacunosa Myrmicinae Hakake-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys leptothrix Myrmicinae Kebuka-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys lewisi Myrmicinae Uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys masukoi Myrmicinae Manazuru-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys mazu Myrmicinae Tsuya-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys membranifera Myrmicinae Tokara-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys minutula Myrmicinae Hime-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys morisitai Myrmicinae Kibaore-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys mutica Myrmicinae Nuka-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys rostrataeformis Myrmicinae Takasago-ashinaga-ari Japanese
Strumigenys sauteri Myrmicinae Hime-hirata-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys solifontis Myrmicinae Oo-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys stenorhina Myrmicinae Kibanaga-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys strigatella Myrmicinae Kakugao-uroko-ari Japanese
Strumigenys terayamai Myrmicinae Ymizo-uroko-ari Japanese
Syllophopsis sechellensis Myrmicinae Kado-hime-ari Japanese
Syscia humicola Dorylinae Tsuchi-kubire-hari-ari Japanese
Tapinoma melanocephalum Dolichoderinae Ghost Ant English
Tapinoma sessile Dolichoderinae Odorous House Ant Enlgish
Technomyrmex gibbosus Dolichoderinae Hirafushi-ari Japanese
Temnothorax anira Myrmicinae Hirase-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax antera Myrmicinae Fushinaga-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax arimensis Myrmicinae Hime-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax basara Myrmicinae Yaeyama-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax bikara Myrmicinae Yadori-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax congruus Myrmicinae Muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax haira Myrmicinae Ogasawara-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax indra Myrmicinae Kiiro-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax kinomurai Myrmicinae Kinomura-yadori-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax koreanus Myrmicinae Kado-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax kubira Myrmicinae Chairo-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax makora Myrmicinae Hayashi-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax santra Myrmicinae Bohnin-muneboso-ari Japanese
Temnothorax spinosior Myrmicinae Harinaga-muneboso-ari Japanese
Tetramorium bicarinatum Myrmicinae Oo-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetramorium immigrans Myrmicinae Pavement Ant English
Tetramorium kraepelini Myrmicinae Kebuka-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetramorium lanuginosum Myrmicinae Ikarige-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetramorium nipponense Myrmicinae Kiiro-oo-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetramorium simillimum Myrmicinae Sazanami-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetramorium smithi Myrmicinae Kadomune-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetramorium tsushimae Myrmicinae Tobiiro-shiwa-ari Japanese
Tetraponera attenuata Pseudomyrmecinae Oo-nagafushi-ari Japanese
Trichomyrmex destructor Myrmicinae Mizo-hime-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia amamiana Myrmicinae Oo-umematsu-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia benzai Myrmicinae Tatenashi-umematsu-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia emeryi Myrmicinae Umematsu-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia nipponica Myrmicinae Yadori-umematsu-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia okinawana Myrmicinae Okinawa-umematsu-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia sakishimana Myrmicinae Sakishima-umematsu-ari Japanese
Vollenhovia yambaru Myrmicinae Yanbaru-umematsu-ari Japanese
Wasmannia auropunctata Myrmicinae Little Fire Ant English